Mandira Khadka

Age : 33

Address : Kathamandu, Nepal

“Chhimeki has helped me to come outside of my house and speak for myself. I gained confidence to speak in front of people. It helped me build network which connected me to my work.”

Before joining Chhimeki I was scared to talk in front of people. I was incapable of defending myself if someone accused me for anything. But after taking volunteer training from Chhimeki in the year 2006, I was able to speak for myself. The 16 days training helped me to speak for myself and help me build network for work. It boosted my confidence. What I feel is when a person is outside of their homes then they can do any kind of work. Now I am confident to make a living anywhere.

Immediately after the training, I got involved in Saving Group. I used to take account for all saving and loan. Then I also got an opportunity to be involved in Chhimeki’s Sarbottam Pitho factory. I worked there for about six months. Then I got another opportunity to work in Chhimeki as Social Mobilizer for four years in brick kiln.  After the phasing out of the project I immediately got another job. This is the credit I want to give to Chhimeki. It has helped me to build links with people. I can talk in the community and community people know me. This has helped me a lot in my work.

I am still involved in every Chhimeki activity like Saving Group and Growth Monitoring. I feel Chhimeki is my right hand, which supports me whenever I am in need. I am very thankful to this organization.