With the objective of restoring normalcy in the lives of earthquake affected people in the recovery phase, Chhimeki Sanstha Nepal trained 55 women volunteers with basic tailoring course in the year of 2016. After completion of basic tailoring training some women established their own tailoring shops, some started working in boutique centers and some started earning a little through home based sewing orders.

In the course of follow up and regular meeting Chhimeki figured out that they had not been able to work much in term of earning or as of their acquired professionalism. It was mainly due to semi knowledge on tailoring skill. As a case, who started their own shops shared their experience that they had been facing difficulties to fulfill costumer’s demand because of inadequate sewing skills. The new clothing pattern and design keep changing as fast as changing in fashion development, therefore, they realized the need of more advanced and specialized tailoring training to become competent enough to meet competitive market demands.

In this context, Chhimeki has started specialized tailoring training course to the participants who had already taken basic tailoring training in the year of 2016. In this phase a total of 23 participants are provided specialized tailoring training. The participants were selected among those who previously took basic training and engage in same profession and also have the keen interest either to expand their own business or engage in gainful employment.

The training center is located in Tahachal -13, Kathmandu, Nepal.