As sustainability and growth are the prime concerns for any organisation, Chhimeki has also kept them in high priority. Apart from the project plan, the entire Chhimeki team is deeply concerned about the future sustainability of the project and are ready to contribute their time and resources to the project from their position. Such commitment and ownership ensure that they are interested in continuing their involvement in the project (mentally, physically and socially). For sustainability of the project, Chhimeki has successfully established Chhimeki Multipurpose Cottage Industry in May 2010 for the production, distribution and promotion of Sarbottan Pitho (SP) to the urban poor family at an affordable price, compared to other similar products available in the commercial market. The trained volunteers produce the nutritious food –fortified Sarbottam Pitho; a blend of soya, rice and wheat.

The industry has been able to produce on an average total of 500 packets of SP each month, meeting and increasing the demand from communities as well as from other organizations. Volunteers sell Sarbottam Pitho in the community in their respective household and community.

Importantly, this industry also gives an opportunity to the volunteers to have close interaction with the mothers on different aspects such as timely and nutritious feeding for mothers and children during home visits of children. This nutrition project also enables volunteers to augment their earning potential through social marketing. Thus this type of project should be continued for long-term to reduce malnourished children through socio-economic empowerment of women.