Mandira Khadka

“Chhimeki has helped me to come outside of my house and speak for myself. I gained confidence to speak in front of people. It helped me build network which connected me to my work.”

Before joining Chhimeki I was scared to talk in front of people. I was incapable of defending myself if someone accused me for anything. But after taking volunteer training from Chhimeki in the year 2006, I was able to speak for myself. The 16 days training helped me to speak for myself and help me build network for work. It boosted my confidence. What I feel is when a person is outside of their homes then they can do any kind of work. Now I am confident to make a living anywhere.

Immediately after the training, I got involved in Saving Group. I used to take account for all saving and loan. Then I also got an opportunity to be involved in Chhimeki’s Sarbottam Pitho factory. I worked there for about six months. Then I got another opportunity to work in Chhimeki as Social Mobilizer for four years in brick kiln.  After the phasing out of the project I immediately got another job. This is the credit I want to give to Chhimeki. It has helped me to build links with people. I can talk in the community and community people know me. This has helped me a lot in my work.

I am still involved in every Chhimeki activity like Saving Group and Growth Monitoring. I feel Chhimeki is my right hand, which supports me whenever I am in need. I am very thankful to this organization.

Anju Simkhada Pandey

“Chhimeki helped me with my confidence. I met a lot of people in the meeting. My network of friends increased. I got to know about lot of things”

I took Volunteer Training from Chhimeki in the year 2009. There was a didi (a respectful term used for a woman greater in age) living near my house who used to work in Chhimeki. She always used to see me staying at home. I have a joint family that is why I used to stay at home. She told me about Chhimeki and how they are working for pregnant and postnatal mothers. I asked in my family. First they questioned me but later my husband told me to see it first. After that I went to take the training. I shared everything about the meeting to my husband. And he said to continue with the training. I got to know so much about what antenatal and postnatal mothers should do. Whatever I learned in the training I used to tell other mothers in my community. Due to this training I started going outside of the house, my network of friends increased. While returning to home from training centre I always used to see a tailoring shop on the way.

One day I went inside the shop and asked if I can take the training. I was very nervous because I did not know anything about tailoring but the woman in the shop told me to come for the training. But my formal sewing training started in the year 2010 from Cottage and Small Industry Training Center. I also took advanced training from there. Then after working for six months in boutique I took a fashion designing course from Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT). Gradually I started getting order for stitching clothes and I opened my own tailoring shop. One day I got a call from the boutique I was working asking me to teach. I contacted them and they sent me to take a Training of Trainers (ToT) course in Bhaktapur. Then there was no stopping for me. I worked as a trainer in that boutique and in Cottage and Small Industry Training Center after that. When I heard about the vacancy in Chhimeki for the post of Master Trainer I immediately applied and got selected. Now I am Master Trainer for Chhimeki’s tailoring project.

Bhagwati Thapa Adhikari

“I have always been interested in social work from childhood. The opportunity of volunteering was provided to me by Chhimeki Sanstha Nepal. I have lot of friends after being involved in this organization. I was able to give speeches in Chhimeki’s programs like General Assembly. After the volunteer training, my confidence was boosted. I am very thankful to Chhimeki”

I took Chhimeki Volunteer Training in the year 2005. And from that year on I started to save.  After the training I was involved in making Sarbottam Pitho (SP+). For about two years I worked in the Sarbottam factory. I was also a board member for the year 2007-2009.

Jamuna Kapali

“I am really thankful to Chhimeki. Because of Chhimeki I am here now today. I can speak in front of people. I go to saving every month. I like going there as I can meet my friends”

I took Chhimeki Volunteer Training in the year 2005. And from that year itself I started to do saving. After the training I became Chhimeki’s childcare center caretaker. From 2007 to 2009 I worked there. But after having my own baby I stopped working there. Immediately after leaving that job, I opened my small teashop in Chhetrapati.

Sunila Maharjan

“I take loan from Saving Group because the interest rate is less compared to bank and because I know everyone in the group. I am happy that I do not have to ask money from my husband. I feel independent.”

I took Chhimeki’s Volunteer Training in the year 2007. Before taking the training I was completely a housewife. The whole time I used to sit at home. But I always wanted to do something in my life. Didi (a respectful term used for a woman greater in age) from Chhimeki came to my house looking for potential volunteers. I eagerly showed my interest. It was during the training that I started to go outside my house. After this I took beauty parlor training and for about two years I worked in another’s parlor as a helper. My son was very small at that time so I decided to open my own parlor near my house. In the year 2008 I opened my own parlor in Kilsaghar, Nardevi. After the April, 2015 earthquake many people in my area left their house and went somewhere else. Due to this people stopped coming to the parlor. To utilize my time I took Advance Training Course in Dillibazar. I opened the parlor for short time in the morning and evening. Now gradually people have started coming but it is not like before.