Sunila Maharjan

Before taking the training I was a housewife. The whole time I used to sit at home. But I always wanted to do something in my life. I took Chhimeki’s volunteer training in the year 2007. It was during the training that I started to go outside my house. After this I took beauty parlor training and for about two years I worked in another’s parlor as a helper.

Jamuna Kapali

I am not very educated. In  Saving Group it is easier to understand and make others understand. It has low interest rate compared to other financial institution. It is easier to take money from known friends. There is no need of collateral. No long paper work required compared to banks.

Bhagwati Thapa Adhikari

I have always been interested in social work from childhood. The opportunity of volunteering was provided to me by Chhimeki Sanstha Nepal. I have lot of friends after being involved in this organization. I was able to give speeches in Chhimeki’s programs like General Assembly. After the volunteer training, my confidence was boosted. I am very thankful to Chhimeki.

Anju Simkhada Pandey

I took Volunteer Training from Chhimeki in the year 2009. There was a didi (a respectful term used for a woman greater in age) living near my house who used to work in Chhimeki. She always used to see me staying at home. I have a joint family that is why I used to stay at home. She told me about Chhimeki and how they are working for pregnant and postnatal mothers.

Mandira Khadka

Before joining Chhimeki I was scared to talk in front of people. I was incapable of defending myself if someone accused me for anything. But after taking volunteer training from Chhimeki in the year 2006, I was able to speak for myself. The 16 days training helped me to speak for myself and help me build network for work.