Relief Distribution

The Covid-19 virus has put a serious health and economic crisis to Chhimeki Sanstha Nepal (CSN) target beneficiaries in the community as like around the society and the world. These health and economic hardships pose life-threatening challenges to poor families, daily wage workers, women, children, marginalized people, and many more. People lost their earning of income, fear of infection and more other uncertainty, which in turn reduces spending and consumption. These effects are compounded because firms were closedown, regular economic activities were stopped and workers were laid off.

In response to the situation, CSN distributed relief materials in it working area (Wards of KMC) targeting to its beneficiaries. The distribution works were done in the close coordination with local governmental authorities of KMC, community volunteers and mother group. The relief support were provided to those families, who were severely affected by Covid-9 crisis and its impact. A total of 2161 families were benefitted with the relief support provided by CSN. The beneficiaries were pregnant women, postnatal mother, children of age under three years and the needy families having with old age people.