Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian Aid is also provided to the needy families in the working area of Chhimeki Sanstha Nepal. First Chhimeki’s trained volunteers identify the very needy families in their community then the board and staff approves them. The aid is provided to the needy families related to PNC, ANC and many other most needed cases. In order to reach the core target group the volunteers do home visits and give food aid to them for specified time so that the families especially children are protected from being malnourished.


Menuka Sonam, Age: 20 years (postnatal mother)


I have come from Ramechhap district. It has only been 8-9 months since I have been here. After coming to Kathmandu, my husband left me. My elder daughter was born in village when I was 17 years old. My younger daughter was born last month. She was born in Kathmandu. I cannot go back to my village as I have no one to support me. I have been living here in one single room with my children. My monthly room rent is Rs. 2000.  I cannot go to work because of my children. It was being difficult for me to survive.  Menuka sister, Chhimeki’s volunteer of this ward came to know about me through other people. She contacted in the office and from the office, a staff came to visit me with the volunteer. She inquired about me. After that she came another day with the relief materials for two months.  I received clothes and food (rice, lentils, salt and oil) from Chhimeki organization. I am very happy to receive support when I was in dire condition.  For me Chhimeki is God who came when I was helpless.  With this support my children and myself could eat nutritious food..


Pratima Jaiswal, Age: 27 years (mother)


I am from Sarlahi district. It has been 7 years that I have been living here with my husband. I have three children; one son (13 years old) and two daughters (10 years and 7 years old). My husband is paralyzed. He has problem lifting right part of his body. It has been 5 years since he has been sick. My all jewelries and money has been spent in his illness. Doctor has said that he will not recover. He was a vegetable street vendor before becoming paralyzed. To run the family, I started working in a furniture shop. I do polishing of the furniture. I get Rs. 400 per day for that work. But I do not have continuous job. I am only called when there is work. It is difficult to eat and live in Kathmandu with that money. My elder daughter works and lives in someone else’s house. And the other two children go to government school. My husband was having difficulties resting all day at home and not contributing anything to the family. He is only 32 years old. He has now started to sell bananas in the road. He cannot sell other fruits and vegetable as he has to weigh the fruits/vegetable with his hands in a weighing scale and he cannot do that. So every morning I go to Kalimati to buy bananas and he sits and sells in Pepsicola. It is easy for him to sell bananas as he can count and sell 12 for a dozen.

Chhimeki’s volunteer came to know about me and she had told about me in the office. Then another sister came from office and gave me relief materials. With that relief, it was easier for me to save my earnings and pay my room rent. I am very thankful to Chhimeki for identifying and supporting us.


Mitthu Kurkuti, Age: 62 years (mother), Sangita Limbu, Age: 29 years (pregnant mother)



Last month our houses caught fire and we along with 14 other families of this area were badly injured. Although nobody died due to that fire but we lost everything in that fire. Through Chhimeki volunteer of our area, our situation was told in the office. Soon from the office, one sister came to visit us and the other day she gave aid materials to all the 16 affected families. I am thankful to Chhimeki for providing us with food for a month.