Child Care Center

Chhimeki field research, case studies and household visits revealed that mothers of the families in communities with low socio-economic status go to work leaving their small children in dirty, dark and small rooms with food and water. It is one of the reasons why small children suffer from physical and psychosocial problems with chronic as well as acute disease. In light of this, Chhimeki has given priority to child protection program through its Child Care Centers (CCC), which it operates in needy areas at an affordable rate.  The first CCC was established in the year 2003 and by 2008, Chhimeki was able to establish five CCCs. Till this date Chhimeki has been running six Child Care Centers in ward no. 13, 14, 19, 20 and 32 of KMC with the aim to assist poor working mothers with small children and to promote the overall development of children from six months to three years old. The CCCs operate Sunday to Friday 8:30am-5:30pm. The centers provide children with three meals a day and with medical and psychological support towards their physical and psychosocial development. Parents contribute a small fee towards the care of their children.

On an average 140 children are taking daily services from our six Child Care Centre every month. The majority of the parents in our CCCs live in rental accommodation which means that they have migrated to Kathmandu, and many of them are daily wage workers.


Gunkesari Shrestha, 26 (Mother of 2 year old)


It has been nine months since I have kept my son in Chhimeki’s CCC. I am happy with its service. Here, children are fed three times a day. My son has started playing after keeping him here. I too can go to work without worrying about him. After keeping my son in CCC, I can financially support my husband to run the family. I am thankful to Chhimeki for running CCC and helping mothers like us.



Uma Deula, 19 (Mother of 1.5 year old) 


I have started working after keeping my child in CCC. Chhimeki’s CCC has made things easier for mothers like us. On the other hand my two year old child is doing well in CCC. I only heard about this CCC last month. And I immediately kept him here. Chhimeki is offering this service in low fees and I hope this continues throughout.



Sunita Maharjan, 36 (Mother of 2 year old) 


I am a working woman. After my second baby was born, my mother in law was looking after him. But after she fell ill and went to the village, I was in dilemma about who will look after my son. Then one day I found about Chhimeki’s CCC which is located in between my office and home. Now it has been 14 months that I have kept my son in CCC. His weight is increasing here and his toilet habit has changed. I did not have to leave my job.