Chhimeki Sanstha Nepal

Before Chhimeki was established, the Urban Nutrition Project (UNP) of Terre des hommes Foundation (Tdh) was implemented through a local NGO called Sagun. With the active support of Terre des hommes the project significantly grew over the years in terms of capacity and reach, with a geographical expansion into 11 wards across Kathmandu Metropolitan City, a growing numbers of volunteers, the hiring of additional staff and improved community participation. During the phased out period, Sagun, Tdh and trained volunteers decided to continue the great work Sagun was doing by establishing Chhimeki. From 2001 to 2004 volunteers were trained through Sagun but after the establishment of Chhimeki in December 2004, volunteers were continuously trained through Chhimeki.  Geared at urban communities, their families and children, our programs actively engage in the promotion of child and mother nutritional health. Between 2001 and 2012, 1730 community volunteers were trained and engaged in neighborhood nutrition and empowerment activities. For every 30-50 families living in a given area, a volunteer was selected based on a door-to-door visit by staff and a short discussion about the program. Preference was given to women with small children under the age of 3 who were of similar socio-economic background to the majority of the population in the community. All the selected volunteers received training for 16 weeks (once a week), which focused on imparting basic information related to the nutritional status of children and pregnant and post-natal mothers. The volunteers were trained on following subjects: psychosocial counseling, antenatal and post-natal mothers, monthly growth monitoring, appropriate food for children, breast feeding, immunization, Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI), diarrhea, and home visits in the community. Most volunteers were able to give two hours every month assisting in these activities. 

In 2012 Terres des hommes Nepal phased out the Urban Nutrition Project, however trained volunteers from all 11 wards of Kathmandu Metropolitan City have continued with their work with Chhimeki.